Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What do you think? Wanting Mor / Jameela by Rukhsana Khan

Wanting Mor / Jameela by Rukhsana Khan

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  1. Overseas Family School - Chairene Rose Angulika Chidozie- Grade 8.

    I liked reading the novel "Wanting More". At first I did not understand the main character Jameela. I found her emotions confusing. But as I continued reading the novel I started to get to know her better, it was like I could see her right in front of me. My favorite part of the book (story) is when Jameela meet her her dad again at the orphanage and he wants her to walk away with him, but she doesn't. That touched me so much. Throughout the book I personally think Jameela grew stronger, from all the rejections of her family.
    If this book was a series i would be very interested to read the next one, because I would like to know what happens to Jameela when her dad goes ? Or will she stay in the orphanage? I do admire Rukhsana Khan because she writes in a very structured way and the way she wrothe this book touched me. It makes me want to help those who are poor and don't have a home or street children who are begging for food.

  2. I liked 'Wanting Mor' because the story/plot was really good and sad. I liked Jameela because she stood up for herself and even though her dad abandoned her, she still managed to find friends and a new family.

    OFS - Eunice S - Grade 8


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