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What do you think? The Phoenix Files: Arrival by Chris Morphew

The Phoenix Files: Arrival by Chris Morphew

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  1. I think it is a great book with lots of tension and you dont want to put the book down

  2. I think this is a very good book and really exsiteing.

  3. Tanglin-Natalie Vitoria-Year 6

    This book is a really interesting book and I love reading it is an adventure book. Phoenix Files: Arrival is an great and worth reading book! It has alot cliff hangers. It will make you want to not stop! IT IS AN A BREATH TAKING BOOK...

  4. UWCSEA (Dover) - Jessica Y - Grade 5
    Phoenix Files: Arrival is a super book because it has a grabbing beginning and a very interesting plot. The plot is about Luke trying to find out who is trying to wipe out the human race. He also realizes that everyone in Phoenix is trapped there.I am now looking for the other books in this series.

  5. Overseas Family School- Sreeya Guha- Grade 7

    I read the book "Phoenix Files:The Arrival". The story is about three friends- Luke, Peter and Jordan who find out the world is going to end in 100 days thanks to the information given to them by Crazy Bill who strangely appeared in the protected area of "Phoenix". I really liked the book as the author wrote in the view of the main character- Luke. This book is in a count-down diary for. It reveals more details of each character when you read more of the book. Usually when you read a book, you can predict what is going to happen in the future. However, when you read this book. there is a twit to every prediction you make. I definitely recommend this book- a remarkably excellent book!

  6. OFS - Marcus B - Grade 7
    'The Arrival' by Chris Morphew is the first in a series called the Phoenix Files. It is a very exciting and gripping adventure about a plot to destroy the world and how some kids try to save the world.I highly recommend this book to any good readers.

  7. OFS- Ellice S- Grade 7
    "The Arrival" by Chris Morphew is really exciting and has a lot of action in it. The story is written in the point of view of a character named Luke Hunter. Luke and his mom move to Phoenix after his mom lost her job. The minute they arrive there, Luke feels as if there is something strange about Phoenix. He meets Peter and Jordan, and they become friends. Because of some information they receive from Crazy Bill, the local hobo, they discover that the whole world will get destroyed in 100 days. I enjoyed this book because it was fast paced and mysterious. I really liked the way the author ended the book. Because of the ending, I want to read the next book in the series.

  8. Overseas Family School -Neville Joseph-Grade 7
    The book 'The Phoenix Files' is an adventure genre. The plot is about a small city, in the middle of nowhere, with leaders who have a plan to destroy the rest of the world in a 100-day countdown. Since the book is written in first person format, I could get to know the characters very well. I like this book because at the end of each chapter, there is a new twist. which makes the reader want to read till the end. I loved the 'Arrival' so much, that I went on and read the next 2 books, 'Contact' and 'Mutation'. I am eagerly waiting for the 4th book which is due anytime now.

  9. OFS Grade 7- Rikhi
    I loved reading the 'Phoenix Files' by Chris Morphew as it has an air of suspense and mystery to it and it kept making me want to read more. I liked how the characters were simple, believable but were in an unlikely situation. I felt a connection with Luke when he felt caged in Phoenix and burdened with the responsibility of saving the world , as I too have moved to places that weren't very convenient. I liked how the novel ended especially , with the sound of a phone , which was surprising as Phoenix didn't have phone lines . I really enjoyed reading it.

  10. OFS Grade 7 - Maria
    I found the novel: Phoenix Files by Chris Morphew, very enjoyable and rather exciting. I really liked the plot of the book because it kept me guessing and it was also very unpredictable. The characters in the book, Peter, Jordan and the main character, Luke were described really well in the book. I would really like to know what happens next in the sequels because it keeps me guessing. In my opinion, the authors writing style is awesome because he wrote the story in a way that will make you want to read the book in a day or so. Therefore, I think the 'Phoenix Files' is definitely a book worth reading.

  11. OFS -Shreyam M - Grade 6

    The book "Phoenix Files " by Chris Morphew, has been my favorite Red Dot book . This book isn't very complicated, unlike "Moribito" and the "Leviathan", and it's plot, setting and characters were very exciting. My favorite part is when the characters Peter, Jordan and Luke found a thick wall surrounding Phoenix, and found out that there was going to be a world disaster in less than 100 days!I liked this part because it made me wonder if the disaster s going to be stopped. I admire the author's writing skills and would love to read the rest of the series. This book is definitely worth reading !

  12. Overseas Family School-Amirtha -Grade 7
    Phoenix files by Chris Morphew is a pretty interesting novel from my point of you and my favorite amongst the red dot books. its a novel where you feel like you are one of the characters in the book where the author traps you in the book. Its like you can imagine what the characters are thinking.I am very keen to read the rest of the books i the series of Phoenix files. I admire the author as its amazing how the author of the book came up with a story like this. Its one of those books when you read it you will never put it down.

  13. Overseas Family School-Rohaan K - Grade 6
    The novel, 'The Phoenix Files- The Arrival' is really good because of the storyline and the way the author left the story at a cliffhanger. Also I liked how the characters are really well developed. I like the main character because he was in almost every scene and was doing something interesting. The events were very well connected and there weren't any gaps in the plot where you wanted to ask questions. It's a series and I am very keen on reading the next book.

  14. Overseas Family School - Ivy H - Grade 7

    I think that the author of the book Phoenix Files: The Arrival, Chris Morphew, used a very unique writing style - finishing the chapters in suspense but with the plot flowing at the same time. It was really interesting to read each chapter because the story line becomes more and more exciting and you just want to know what will happen to the main characters and the small town. I would definitely recommend the series to my friends as the first book was good so i am sure that the rest will just be as good as "The Arrival"

  15. Overseas Family School-Alison F-Grade 7
    I liked the book "Phoenix Files: Arrival" because it was very a interesting and action packed book. The plot was very good and suspenseful. I loved all the characters, but I especially liked Jordan, because she is brave and independent. I really like the idea for the books because I've never read a book with this idea. The author (Chris Mopher) is a very skilled writer and makes his books very interesting. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the books.

  16. OFS - Yoo Jin L. - Grade 7
    'Phoenix Files: Arrival'. I liked it because of the genre, which is teen adventure/mystery. I also liked the actual storyline, that the world is going to end, because of this crazy company running the town Phoenix. I have already read the rest of the series, and enjoyed that the point of view changes every book, and that whenever one mystery is solved, two new ones are added.

  17. Overseas Family School - Bronwyn M. - Grade 7

    I enjoyed reading this book as it was a gripping tale that kept you reading till the end. If I originally saw this book on a library shelf, I doubt I would have picked it up, however I am happy that I did read it as it is definitely a worthy read. The characters Luke, Peter and Jordan, as well as others, were well written into this story. The ending of Phoenix Files was a great one, and it makes you want to read the next book in the series. Having a phone ringing in an area where there are no phone lines is a good ending, so I think Chris Morphew really ended this book well. I am looking forward to the next one, and I am happy to have been a part of Battle of the Books.

  18. OFS-Bridget G- Grade 7

    This book is the type of book that I wouldn't have picked up by choice. I am very glad that I got to read this book. It was extremely well written as the characters remained strong. One of my favorite moments in the book was the very end when the phone rang. It kept me on edge because there was no phone service and it got me wondering. The ideas were all very original as well as the concept of the story. The characters were all self explanatory. My favorite character would be Luke. Overall this book was extremely thrilling and a great read. I hope that next year's books will be just as good.

  19. OFS-Pranav-Grade 7

    This book was very exciting and thrilling to read as the mystery was very suspenseful with the three kids trying to save the world. As they have a huge mission in hand, they have progressed when finding clues in Phoenix. Peter, Luke and Jordan are among the characters in the book. The plot of this book was interesting because I like mystery books and I enjoy reading them. I enjoyed this book because Chris Morphew has written a mystery book like no other author and that is why I like the Pheonix Files: Arrival by Chris Morphew.

  20. I like how the bad guys cover up their evil conspiracy with their expensive to perfect town Phoenix.I like how Luke and Jordan are always striving to get answers and not giving up. I think it is funny that despite all the evidence Peter is trying to believe that there is nothing to worry about.It is entertaining how the principal is evil while the teachers are kind. I like the mystery action genre that keeps you on the edge of seat throughout the book.
    Overseas Family School Kieran D Grade 6


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